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Napkin Presentation

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Looking for a way to better understand the Shaklee business model? And, how to explain it to others?

Watch the following “napkin presentation”:


Sunday, September 21st, 2008

A Whole New Way to Earn Money in Shaklee

Those of you following the results of the 2008 Global Conference in New Orleans have probably noticed that Shaklee introduced a new enhancement to our compensation plan called Tru-Infinity. For those of you not quite sure what this is all about, here is an overview. (For more detailed information, be sure to take the Tru-Infinity module at Shaklee University).
A revolution in multi-level marketing compensation
Since Roger Barnett bought Shaklee over four years ago, a high priority for the company has been reinventing itself for the future. You will already notice this in all the new products in recent years. But, Shaklee has also been working to reinvent its compensation system. Up to this point, the challenge for network marketing companies has been providing a compensation that both pays well and rewards people for appropriate actions and results. In addition, plans have to balance earnings from the sale of products and from building a strong downline organization. Many plans look great “on paper” (we’re sure you’ve heard the hype), but most don’t deliver well in real life. So, Shaklee has spent considerable time and energy consulting with business experts and mathematicians to come up with a way to enhance our compensation plan that addresses all these concerns.
Unique to Shaklee.  The result of all of Shaklee’s efforts is a earnings system so unique, that Shaklee has applied for a patent. No one else will be able to offer a similar program because it truly is innovative. The term “Tru-Infinity” is also being registered as trademark.
Truly pays to infinity. The innovation of this plan is that it overcomes the major obstacle that confronts legitimate multi-level marketing plans: depth limits to downline earnings. With Tru-Infinity you can earn on your downline purchases to no limit. That means more long-term income!
A fifth way to earn money. Shaklee recognizes that there are different ways to build a Shaklee business, and because of that there are several ways to earn money in Shaklee: profit on sale of products, GOLD bonuses, personal group bonuses, and leadership bonuses on downline generations of Business Leaders. Now, with Tru-Infinity, there is a fifth way. So, in other words, Tru-Infinity does not replace our existing ways to earn, but adds one more!
Currently only on Vivix. Inevitably Shaklee will likely expand Tru-Infinity to all of our products. But, to get us experienced with it, Shaklee is starting us out with this extra earnings opportunity by applying it only to our revolutionary cellular anti-aging tonic, Vivix.
IPV vs. PV. You will now notice a new category of PV called IPV (“infinity PV”). At present this applies only to Vivix products. The combination of regular PV and IPV make up your QPV (“qualifying PV”) which is what your ranks and personal group bonuses are calculated on.
Your ability to earn future Tru-Infinity bonuses depends on your efforts now! Even if you don’t yet fully understand how Tru-Infinity works, it is very important that you begin working toward Tru-Infinity bonuses today. Tru-Infinity bonuses are paid only to Business Leaders, but if you wait to meet your qualification requirements until once you become a Director you may permanently miss out on some Tru-Infinity bonuses that will be paid on your downline.
So how does this affect me now?
If you are currently a Business Leader (i.e. Director of above) it is important to get “grandfathered” in at the Director phase of Tru-Infinity as soon as possible. Contact us for more details.
If you are NOT currently a Business Leader
(i.e. Distributor or Associate) your normal bonus earnings potential with price differential and personal group bonuses will be the same as before, even on Vivix. But, now is the time to prepare yourself for the Tru-Infinity bonuses you will receive as a Director:

1. Be a GOLD/Global Ambassador
2. Have six GOLD/Global Ambassadors in your downline (with a minimum of three personally sponsored). IMPORTANT: Do this as soon as soon as possible!
3. Become a Shaklee Director (i.e. 2000 group QPV)

We’re sure that you have many questions about Tru-Infinity. We encourage you to study the Shaklee University module and other materials that are and will be available. And, please contact your upline Business Leader for more details.
But, even if you don’t yet understand all the details, know that Tru-Infinity is a powerful mechanism for you to earn significant money and build the future you desire. Begin to incorporate it into your Shaklee business plans today!