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Canadian Product Upgrades

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

Good News for Canadian Members and Distributors!

Major upgrades are coming to many key Canadian Shaklee Nutritional Products!

Several years ago the Canadian government changed its regulations pertaining to Natural Health Products, recognizing that more flexibility was needed in light of advances in nutritional science. Shaklee, as North America’s Number One Natural Nutrition Company, has long awaited these changes as it means that finally after several decades Shaklee Canada products could have all the same features as those in the U.S. The result is that Canadians will now be able to take advantage of Shaklee’s advanced science even more – our products will now be that much more ahead of any other competition!

As soon as the new Natural Health Products regulations took effect Shaklee began the lengthy process of registering its products. Unfortunately, because of the many thousands of applications submitted to Health Canada it has taken years to get all of these processed.

But, the good news is that finally now in 2012 Shaklee Canada is all caught up with its new registrations and many upgraded products have already begun to appear, and many more will be coming this fall!

Here’s a recap of what to look for:

Enhanced products already available

Kosher Vivix – a special version for those who follow Kosher food laws

Herb-Lax – enhanced herbal blend

NutriFeron – now with immune strengthening minerals, zinc and copper

Enhanced products coming later this year

Defend and Resist Complex (formerly Shaklee DR) – optimized formula for six tablets per day dosage

Joint Health Complex – New formula with patent-pending, fast-acting form of Boswellia extract. Joint comfort in as little as 5 days.

Vita-Lea –  Four separate formulas: Vita-Lea, Vita-Lea with Iron, Vita-Lea Gold with vitamin K, Vita-Lea Gold without vitamin K (for those taking blood thinning medications). Major formula upgrades include:

  • Beta-carotene
  • More vitamin D
  • Vitamin K
  • Patented rapid-release folic acid coating
  • More trace minerals
  • Gold formulas contain optimized nutrient ratios for those 50+, and N-Acetylcysteine (antioxidant)

Vitalizer – New Vitalizer packs (Vitalizer for Men, Vitalizer for Women, Vitalizer Gold) will contain new Vita-Lea formulations plus these other upgrades:

  • All Vitalizers will contain a Triple Berry Blend of antioxidants
  • Vitalizer for Men will contain more lycopene for prostate health
  • Vitalizer for Women will contain cranberry extract
  • Vitalizer Gold will feature coenzyme Q10, plus optimized carotenoids for eye health

CoQ Heart – Enhanced, triple-strength co-enzyme Q10 supplement

These are exciting developments that contribute to better health for Canadians and will strengthen your business!

Heart Health Webinar

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Celebrate Heart Health Month by inviting guests to join Chair of Medical Affairs, Health Sciences and Education Dr. Jamie McManus and Director of Medical Affairs and Health Sciences Pamela Riggs for a special webinar event.

On this webinar, you and your guests will hear all about the hardest-working muscle in your body – your heart!  You’ll learn where the heart gets its power, and why CoQ10 is necessary for healthy heart functioning and for promoting and protecting healthy arteries.*

And, you’ll learn all about the new Triple Strength CoQHeart with Q-Trol™, what makes it unique, as well as other Shaklee heart health products that can help you and everyone you know Power a Healthy Heart. 

Here are the details:

Date:  Wednesday, February 8th
Time: 5:30 pm Pacific, 6:30 pm Mountain, 7:30 pm Central, 8:30 pm Eastern, 9:30 pm Atlantic
Webcast link:

Please take a moment to click on the link above before the live webcast and pre-register and Test Your System.  Doing so will ensure you can enter the webcast quickly and easily when it’s time for the live event. 

If you won’t have access to a computer, you can participate by dialing 1-512-225-3211 / 865562#.   

The recording of this webcast will be available a few days following the live webcast, accessible via the same link as above.  The audio portion of this webcast will be placed on rebroadcast shortly after the conclusion of the live webcast at 1-512-404-1255, press 2.

Shaklee Nutrition Webcast

Monday, August 22nd, 2011
At the recent Global Conference Shaklee unveiled a number of significant enhancements to further our strengthen our lead as the Number One Natural Nutrition Company. We invite you to advantage of this webcast later today to learn more about the new products now available in the U.S. (and in the coming months in Canada) along with incredible new tools and promotional materials.

This is a live webcast. If you are unable to participate in it, a recorded audio version will be available by telephone for later listening.


Please join us for our next live webcast with streaming audio, all about the latest enhancements in the world of Shaklee Nutrition, and the new tools you have to share health with everyone! 

Join Dr. Jamie McManus, Shaklee Chair of Medical Affairs, Health Sciences & Education, Dr. Carsten Smidt, Chief Scientific Officer and Cindy Latham, Shaklee Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, and learn about:

Shaklee Vitalizer™: Now customized to meet the specific health needs of men, women, and active adults, Shaklee Vitalizer is the most advanced multi-nutrient supplement pack in the marketplace today — with 80 bio-optimized nutrients to fuel your body’s most vital functions and promote health, energy, and vitality all day long.

New Advanced Joint Health Complex: Joint Health Complex is a fast-acting formula that contains Boswellia, which has been shown in a clinical study to deliver joint comfort in as few as five days. This scientifically formulated blend also contains glucosamine to promote mobility, enhance flexibility, improve joint function and support long-term joint health. In addition, it also delivers zinc, copper, manganese and vitamin C for healthy connective collagen and cartilage.

You’ll also hear about our ongoing Free Membership with Vitalizer offer, the “Getting Started with Shaklee Nutrition” program that supports you in building your business and your volume, and updates on sharing the benefits of Vivix®. 

Here are the details:

Date:  Monday, August 22nd
Time: 5:30 pm Pacific, 6:30 pm Mountain, 7:30 pm Central, 8:30 pm Eastern, 9:30 pm Atlantic
Webcast link:

Please take a moment to click on the link above before the live webcast and pre-register.  Doing so will ensure you can enter the webcast quickly and easily when it’s time for the live event.

Special Note:  To ensure your browser is supported by this webcast platform, click on Test Your System, and then on the Test Slide Advance link.  If you have difficulty with one browser, try the same process with an alternate browser.

This webcast will stream audio to you, which means you’ll be able to hear it via your computer speakers.  If you have sound on your computer, there is no need to dial into the call, and we encourage you to take advantage of this option.  You can communicate directly with us thru the webcast console.

If you won’t have access to a computer, or your computer doesn’t have a sound card, you can participate by dialing 1-512-225-3211 / 865562#.  

Best wishes for good health and success,

Cathy Keating
Vice President, Field Communications

The recorded webcast will be available a few days following the live webcast, accessible via the same link as above.  The audio portion of this webcast will be placed on rebroadcast shortly after the conclusion of the live webcast at 1-512-404-1255, press 2.

Sports Nutrition webcast

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

You Are Invited to a Special Web Event
Shaklee Corporation has pioneered the practice of studying the diets of elite athletes and testing products to help make landmark expeditions and record-breaking achievements possible. This research has translated into dietary recommendations and high performance nutritional products for elite athletes, as well as recreational athletes and explorers. And now you can use these products to help you get the most out of your workout, safely and naturally.

Dr. Jamie McManus, Shaklee Chair of Medical Affairs, Health Sciences and Education, will host as Les Wong, Vice President of Health Sciences and Tina Fusser, Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach provide an excellent overview of Shaklee Sports Nutrition products – their use, safety, performance and the clinical testing that supports them.

Wednesday, June 8th, 5:30 pm PT / 6:30 pm MT / 7:30 pm CT / 8:30 pm ET

The Shaklee Energy difference!

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Shaklee newest product, Shaklee Energy, is a timely alternative to the growing market in energy drinks. More and more people are looking for a quick way to obtain an energy boost in the midst of hectic and stressful living. Unfortunately, however, the safety of many energy drinks is questionable, providing high levels of caffeine and sugar leading to more of a buzz than real energy.

Shaklee Energy is different. Not only is it a convenient chew instead of a drink, it is designed to do much more than provide energy. The unique ingredients also help you focus better and keep alert.

Here’s a comparison of Shaklee Energy with leading energy drinks available in the U.S.:

Get your supply of Shaklee Energy today! And, take advantage of the limited time offer.

Vivix – One Year Later

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Last week at its Global Conference Shaklee celebrated the first anniversary of the most successful new product in our history: Vivix, the world’s best anti-aging supplement..

Because of the revolutionary nature of Shaklee’s anti-aging formula, over one million bottles of Vivix were sold in the first year. It is already Shaklee’s best-selling product.

Despite its tremendous success, Shaklee is working hard to make Vivix even better. Here are some of the new things to celebrate:

Clinical study. A major breakthrough study has just been completed demonstrating that Vivix’s unique blend activates a key genetic regulator and helped turn down cellular aging. More evidence of its effectiveness!
New 30 Day Bottle. After further investigation Shaklee has been able to determine the stability of the tonic in a larger, recyclable bottle. More convenient and environmentally friendly.
Single-Serve Packets. To make Vivix more convenient for traveling and sampling Vivix is now available in single-serve packets made from recyclable paper. Limited time offer, depending on sales.
Kosher Vivix. To meet the needs of those following Kosher laws, Shaklee has unveiled a modified formula. (U.S. only, for now)

Remember that Vivix is available at a 10% discount when you purchase through AutoShip, or when you buy a new 4-pack!

Be sure to watch CBS’ 60 Minutes Sunday evening!

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

This week’s 60 Minutes will feature a story on resveratrol, the key ingredient in red wine (and Vivix!) that is getting so much media attention because of all the exciting research taking place.

While this show does not reference Shaklee or Vivix specifically it is still a great show to watch and to tell your friends about. It can be a great discussion starter on why Vivix could be the most important supplement you take!

Shaklee study reveals new vitamin D links

Friday, May 1st, 2009

NEWS: Shaklee Research Study Links Vitamin D with HDL Cholesterol, and therefore with Key Biomarkers for Metabolic Syndrome and Heart Disease

Shaklee is at the cutting edge of modern nutrition research, and this is confirmed in a new study just released. The breakthrough study, being presented at the National Lipid Association Annual Scientific Sessions, shows that a lower blood vitamin D level is associated with metabolic syndrome and other risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

More information at:

Weight management mistakes

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Dr. Stephen Chaney, PhD has provided the following information based on an article in the February issue of Environmental Nutrition journal.

The six most common eating mistakes that trip up almost everyone trying to lose weight:

Mistake #1: Going too long without food.

Many of the overweight people that I know skip breakfast and really eat very little until dinner time. They can’t understand why they keep gaining weight when they are skipping all those meals early in the day.

The problem is two-fold. You need that breakfast meal first thing in the morning to rev up your metabolism. In addition, the nagging hunger resulting from not eating early in the day leads to poor food choices latter on.

Little known fact: 100% of people who have lost significant weight and kept it off 5 years or more eat breakfast!

Mistake #2: Banking Calories.

You know the routine. You know that you’ve got bigparty coming up tomorrow, so you’ll just eat a little less today to “even it out”.

That comes under the category of wishful thinking. The calories that you save today almost never equal the calories that you consume at the party.

The key is to employ healthy eating strategies at the party: eat a little bit of high-protein, low-calorie food ahead of time so you don’t go to the party hungry; consume alcohol sparingly – it has lots of calories and it revs up appetite; eat small portions.

The bottom line is that those strategies work. Skipping meals beforehand so you can eat whatever you want at the party doesn’t work. It’s that simple!

Mistake #3: Skimping on protein.

Protein is metabolized more slowly, which keeps those hunger pangs at bay.  One study showed that people who started the day with two eggs consumed 300 calories less during the day than someone who started the day with a bagel supplying the same calories as the eggs.

Adequate protein also helps preserve muscle mass. Of course, when we talk about preserving muscle mass Cinch is the all time champion because of its added leucine.

Mistake #4: Drastically cutting calories.

You can lose weight fast on a very low calorie diet, but you make yourself so miserable in the process that you are almost certain to go back to your old eating habits.

In addition, the very low calorie diets almost always lead to a loss of muscle mass, which lowers metabolic rate and makes it almost inevitable that you will regain all of the lost weight – and then some.

Experts tell us that slow and steady weight loss is best. They also tell us that it is important to follow a “diet” plan that you can stick with for the rest of your life.

The Cinch Inch Loss Plan excells on both of those points. If you make those delicious protein shakes and healthy eating plans a permanent part of your life, you will not only loose the weight, you’ll keep it off too.

And, don’t forget that the Cinch protein shakes help you preserve your muscle mass.

Mistake #5: Denying yourself treats.

You will almost never succeed at giving up your favorite foods forever – so don’t set yourself up for failure.

If you’ve got a favorite snack just divide it up into reasonable severing size packets as soon as you bring it home. Enjoy your favorite foods, just enjoy them in moderation.

Mistake #6: Taking weekends off.

The reasoning here is essentially the same as the advice not to “bank” calories in anticipation of that big party.

The problem is that some people are very good during the week and then treat the weekend as one big party. If you overeat on Saturday and Sunday, you’re overeating 29% of the time. It’s almost impossible to make up for that by sensible eating during the rest of the week.

Well, there they are. Six common mistakes to avoid if you want to control your weight. Some of them are just common sense, but others may not be so obvious to the average dieter.

Avoid these six deadly mistakes and make the Cinch In Loss Plan a part of your daily life. That’s a winning combination for permanent weight loss.

Economy making people sicker

Friday, January 30th, 2009

The current economic downturn is not only affecting people’s pocketbooks, but their health as well. The extra stress is resulting in lifestyle choices that have a significant impact on their health.

The folllowing article highlights this trend:

Shaklee offers relevant solutions for these times: cutting edge health products and an earnings opportunity to help people take control of their futures!