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New Personal Websites available

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

One of the biggest announcements from the St. Louis convention was the introduction of Shaklee’s new online services available to business builders.

This week the new Personal Web Sites (PWS) were made available as the first stage in the roll-out of these new services. Shaklee has invested money and energy into completely revamping their computer systems and this is the first indication of it.

Now is the time to seriously establish your business online!

Here are some features of the new PWS’s:

  1. Fresh, new look that is easier to navigate and with much more information
  2. Six different templates to choose from, depending on your business focus. (Or choose one of each)
  3. Stronger online marketing tools like the ability to track your website using Google Analytics, and for lead capture.
  4. More customizable. Create or modify some of the pages to better portray you and your business.
  5. North American scope (available soon). In the coming weeks, once this initial roll-out is over, your PWS can be used by people across the U.S. and Canada, in English, French and Spanish. 
  6. Integrated with iTrack, Shaklee’s customer relationship management system. Soon all distiributors will have the option to take advantage of iTrack, and such features as auto-responders.
  7. New domains. To facilitate better search engine optimization you will now have an actual domain within Shaklee’s system (i.e.
  8. Social media ready. Your new PWS has tools built into it that allow people to share your information on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

If you already have a U.S PWS you can transfer over to the new system right now. Or, you can purchase one and get started at!

You can take a look at our flagship site at:

Please contact us if you require any assistance getting your PWS setup or to use it effectively for business growth.

NOTE TO CANADIANS: In the coming weeks Shaklee Canada will be fully integrated into the main corporate computer systems. At that time all existing Canadian PWS’s will cease, and you will need to setup a new PWS, if you do not already have one. The new PWS’s will have a Canadian mode built in. Customers in Canada will be able to order products through your PWS and register as Members, Distributors, etc.

Thank you!

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Thank you for helping make May a record month!

Our Shaklee business continues to grow, and last month is a great example: It was our best month ever!

Even in the midst of economic uncertainty our business is expanding, and so is Shaklee overall. The company is seeing amazing growth as people are interested in what we have to offer: safe and natural products, and the opportunity to take control of their financial future.

We want to help you enjoy the same success we are. Let us know how we can best help you build your Shaklee business.

New Shaklee Internet Initiatives

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

We have some exciting news to share with you!

Shaklee has announced that 2009 will be a milestone year for Shaklee’s Internet business. A major focus of the company has been to completely redevelop its website and services, and by this summer you will see a fresh new look online plus enhanced websites and tools that will strengthen your business!

This has been a project that has been in development for several years, under the direction of Shaklee’s CIO, Ken Harris, one of the most respected technology leaders in the business world (and former CIO at Pepsi, The Gap, and Nike).

Here are some things to look forward to:

1. New Shaklee Internet Rules. Shaklee is making it easier for us to build our business online, with completely updated policies that take into account the latest technological realities, and yet protect the company’s reputation and ensure a level playing field for distributors. Most of these new rules take effect March 1, 2009 and are downloadable from

2. Redesigned Websites. Watch for all of Shaklee’s websites (including Personal Websites!) to be completely redesigned to be more consistent with Shaklee’s overall image and branding.  By far, this will be the most advanced online presence of any company in our industry!

3. Canadian Integration. Canadian Distributors have been long awaiting websites that match the features and quality of those in the U.S. The company has promised that this summer Shaklee Canada’s websites will be completely integrated with the U.S. websites, strengthening our ability to do business anywhere in North America. Canadians were hoping for changes last year, but after considering the technical challenges of further linking two very different computer systems, the decision was made to first unify the two systems before trying to update all the websites. While the delay has been unfortunate, Canadians will be extremely pleased with the new level of service that will be available this year!

To help you better prepare for all these changes, we will be devoting our March 28th conference call to Internet Business Strategies. Plan to be part of this!

The One Big Thing

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

From Master Coordinator Gary Burke…

The title I chose seems to assume that I have the answer to the ONE THING that can literally change your business.  I do not have all the answers for every individual.  But I do know who does have the answer.

Get out a piece of paper right now.  Have it?  Okay, I want YOU to write down on that paper the ONE THING you know that if you did more of it your business would prosper like never before.  I will give some possibilities of what it might be…..But I ask that YOU write down what you know in your heart would make the difference for you.  I don’t have all the answers…….

Attitude        In Home Meetings        Prospecting        5 Appointments a week        Communicate better

Be better prepared         Be more BOLD when talking to people        Asking more questions

Be a better listener        Stick with the fundamentals        Start DOING instead of always learning

Expect more of myself        Don’t allow challenges to become excuses        Quit making excuses

Showing the earning opportunity to everyone…………….Your reason might not be listed.

I probably could go on and on, but like I said above, I don’t have all the answers.  I do believe though that if you have been in this business more than a few months YOU KNOW what you need to change.  You just have to ask yourself a question…………..What is THE ONE THING that if I started doing that would change my business in a big way.

10% Savings with AutoShip

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

SAVE 10% (and more!) with AutoShip

With nutritional supplements you get the best results when you take them consistently. Shaklee has made it convenient and cost effective to take its leading nutrition products regularly by offering a 10% discount when you purchase them through AutoShip. That’s right: save money with each purchase!

AutoShip is available to all members and distributors, and allows selected products to be shipped on a regular schedule (i.e.  monthly, every two months, etc). Of course, AutoShip orders can be changed, delayed or cancelled at anytime, and are managed online.

SAVE 10% when you purchase ANY of the following products:


SAVE 10% and receive a Cinch Shake Mix Canister* (soy) for only $10.00 when you purchase the following:

Vitalizer AND Vivix

*Coupon will be issued that can be redeemed with your next order. Note: Vanilla only in Canada.

SAVE 10% and receive a Product* of your choice for only $10.00 when you purchase the Rx for a Healthier Life pack:

Vitalizer, Vivix, NutriFeron, AND Cinch Shake Mix canister

*Coupon will be issued that can be redeemed with your next order. Note: Maximum value of free product: $93.25SRP (US) and $83.15MP (Canada), and excludes AirSource and BestWater products

Be sure to setup your own AutoShip order, and tell your customers about the benefits!


1. PV/IPV is also reduced by 10%. No PV on products redeemed with coupon.

2. Be sure to use special codes or entry wizards that are applicable to some of the above product packs. Check online for more details.

3. In addition to the above, Shaklee still offers a 10% AutoShip savings on its Vitalizer Wellness Packs (Vitalizer, NutriFeron, and protein mix canister [Cinch or soy protein]).

Promoting Vivix

Friday, August 22nd, 2008
Sharing an Incredible Product
In recent posts we outlined key points related to Vivix, including the research behind it and its unique qualities. (By the way, you can access this material anytime on our blog: Vivix is obviously an advanced health product that is ground-breaking in terms of its technology and implications on human health. But, how do you effectively share this product? Here are some tips:
1. A Solution people are looking for. While Vivix itself is a new product, it represents something people are looking for. There is a strong desire to be as healthy as possible, and therefore to live longer and feel younger. Vivix addresses a real consumer desire.
2. Focus on the Science. With so many gimmicks and fads on the market it is easy to understand how some people might be a little skeptical at first. Certainly we must avoid making wild claims and promises, but there is considerable scientific research that we can share. In addition to an attractive brochure that is available, Shaklee also has an Anti-Aging Research Bulletin available for purchase or download that summarizes the latest science. An excellent Product Bulletin is also available for download. For those desiring third-party confirmation check out one of our previous posts where links were given to news articles and video clips (including one by Barbara Walters) with Dr. David Sinclair of the Harvard Medical School.
3. Don’t compare with “Fruit Drink” supplements. In recent years several companies have been hyping antioxidant fruit juice drinks. Sadly these over-priced juices are largely gimmicks, with little or no real scientific research behind them. Some people may want to place Vivix in the same category. This is not the case. On its own Vivix is a very powerful antioxidant (many times more potent than these fruit drinks) but this is not what Vivix is all about. Vivix is a cellular anti-aging supplement that addresses all four key mechanisms related to cellular aging, something these fruit drinks do not touch. And there are over 2000 published studies on these compounds confirming these effects. For your convenience Shaklee has produced a comparison chart to contrast Vivix with these juice products.
4. Encourage Auto-Ship. Shaklee has provided a number of incentives to encourage regular use of this and other Shaklee core nutritional products. When you purchase Vivix in Autoship (either by itself, in combination with Vitalizer, or as part of one of the new Rx for a Healthier Life packs) you save 10%. Results from nutritional supplements are seen with regular usage, so here is a way to get the best results and save money at the same time!
5. Note the new earnings opportunity. We will provide more details on this soon, but with Vivix Shaklee has introduced an innovative new compensation system (called Tru-Infinity) just for Vivix sales. Sharing Vivix with others provides a tremendous opportunity for you to earn extra income and build a thriving Shaklee business.
Vivix is available NOW in the U.S. (although, please note that IPV for Vivix will not be applied until September)
Vivix will be available in Canada on September 1st.