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Saturday’s Conference Call

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Join us for our Weekly Training Conference Call

Saturday, November 29th

8am Pacific (9am Mountain, 10am Central, 11am Eastern)

During this training call we will continue training using the “GOLD Essentials” business model

Connection information is available at:

Saturday’s Conference Call

Friday, November 21st, 2008

Join us for our Weekly Training Conference Call

Saturday, November 22nd

8am Pacific (9am Mountain, 10am Central, 11am Eastern)

During this training call we will continue training using the “GOLD Essentials” business model

Connection information is available at:

Shaklee in EPA Top 20 Green Power Partnership

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced that Shaklee is on their Top 20 Retail Partner List for Green Power Partnership. More information is available HERE.

Shaklee Mission Brochure

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

For convenience and environmental stewardship Shaklee has begun to make available online its key literature pieces. For example, the Product Guide (i.e. catalog) is now available online (U.S., Canada) and reads just like the paper version – you can flip through pages, etc. – but also do much more!

Now, Shaklee has made available its Mission Brochure, a beautiful booklet that explains “what we’re about”. Be sure to use this incredible tool to share the Shaklee story!


Shaklee news feed

Monday, November 17th, 2008

The best way to keep up with blogs (such as this one!) is by subscribing to its feed. By adding our feed to your feed reader (such as Google Reader, Bloglines, etc. or the one built-in to your browser), or to your start page portal (e.g. MSN, Yahoo, iGoogle, AOL, Netvibes, etc.)  you will be notified whenever there is an update.

Feed technology, however, is not just for blogs. Most news, sports and other information websites now offer their content in RSS or Atom feeds making it much easier to gather and read information. Shaklee has now made their top news for Distributors available in feed format too. Simply add this information to your feed reader or portal page and you will be kept up-to-date on the latest news!

Conference Call Information and Archives

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

This month we began holding weekly business training conference calls on Saturday mornings. We appreciate the positive feedback we’ve already received, and we are committed to making this a vital means of ongoing support to our organization.

We hope you are able to join these calls. But even if you cannot participate live, they are archived for your convenience.

More information on how to participate live or download archives is available on our support website:

Opportunities in a Recession

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

It is apparent that the North American, if not the world’s, economy is entering a severe downturn.

A natural question that may have entered your mind is: How will a recession affect my Shaklee business?

The good news is that historically Shaklee has always performed very well during recessions. Here’s why:

1. During economic downturns people are more open to explore alternative forms of earning income. When things are going well many people are somewhat content with their normal jobs and are less willing to step outside of their comfort-zone. Faced with the prospect of salary freezes, job losses or delayed retirement there is a greater desire to start a business where an individual has greater control over their performance and compensation.

2. Health remains a priority for spending. While discretionary spending and purchases of “big ticket” items decline dramatically during a recession, people also revisit their priorities. Health is one of those core values that people work hard to retain. Shaklee’s health-focused products typically remain attractive for serious consumers.

These statements are not just wild speculation. They are based on experiences during past recessions, and two recent media stories support these assertions:

CNN recently ran a story highlighting how interest in direct sale is increasing in the midst of an uncertain economy.

Nutrition Business Journal reported on a survey that supported the notion that supplements remain a priority for consumers despite a slumping economy.

So, what are the implications for Shaklee Distributors?

1. Promote the Shaklee business opportunity. In the coming months you will be involved in many conversations where people will be lamenting over the economy and their own financial security. Now, more than ever, encourage people to look at what Shaklee can offer. You may be surprised how well received a non-threatening invitation can be. For example: “If I could show you a way to start your own business and build greater financial security, would you be interested?”

2. Talk about the benefits of good health. With an aging population people will be more and more concerned about their health, and this will not subside during a recession. Certainly tighter finances might cause consumers to be careful how they spend their money, but continue to promote the benefits of Shaklee’s incredible nutrition products like Vitalizer, Vivix and Cinch. And, Get Clean products offer both a healthier environment and good value.

For yourself, this is a great time to focus even more on your Shaklee business. You will help insure your own financial future, and enable others to find new hope in their own lives!

This is a time of opportunity.