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Economy making people sicker

Friday, January 30th, 2009

The current economic downturn is not only affecting people’s pocketbooks, but their health as well. The extra stress is resulting in lifestyle choices that have a significant impact on their health.

The folllowing article highlights this trend:

Shaklee offers relevant solutions for these times: cutting edge health products and an earnings opportunity to help people take control of their futures!

Saturday’s Conference Call

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

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Saturday, January 31st

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Resveratrol on 60 Minutes

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Resveratrol is the hottest topic in nutritional science today, and CBS’ 60 Minutes ran a segment this past Sunday on the promising research on resveratrol and aging. Pharmaceutical companies are racing to develop a drug for the treatment of diseases based on resveratrol, but Shaklee Vivix already is the most potent resveratrol supplement available because of its patent-pending combination with muscadine grape polyphenols.

Watch the 60 Minutes segment at:

Another example of third-party verification of this incredible story!

Living in the Land of And

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Living in the Land of And™

In a time when the prospect of creating the future you want for yourself and
your family seems like an impossible dream for so many, Shaklee offers options. 
Call it Plan B.  Call it a safety net.  Call it financial stability.  We like to
call it living in the Land of And™.  

Today more than ever, people need what Shaklee offers.  Check out these great
examples of how sharing the gift of Shaklee can make a difference.  And then ask
yourself – is there anyone you know who needs to hear what these terrific
Shaklee entrepreneurs have built for themselves and their families? 

Shaklee Business Gives Parents More Time with
Children and Sustains After Lay Off

Karl and Stacey Airey, Executive Coordinators, Alberta,

Karl and Stacey Airey have a life many would envy. With three children,
including a new baby, they work their Shaklee business from home, enjoying
milestones in their children’s lives and a more peaceful existence. “My kids get
to have their dad downstairs in his office instead of getting in a car and
driving away,” says Karl. “…they love that they can just run downstairs whenever
and say ‘hi’ to Daddy.”

Having found Shaklee, they are inspired to encourage other families to take
advantage of the opportunity that Shaklee can offer. “A lot of people that we
bring into our organization have jobs, usually more than one. And the mom is not
around like she would like to be. And the dad doesn’t even get to think about
being home. He’s got kids and he doesn’t even know that he has the opportunity
to spend more time with them.”

For the Aireys, their Shaklee business came as a blessing in disguise. “I got
laid off from a full-time job. And if I wasn’t building a part-time business
with Shaklee at the time, we would have really suffered. So getting laid off was
a blessing because then I was able to work the business a lot more. And now
we’ve got a full-time income from Shaklee. If I wouldn’t have found Shaklee… we
would have struggled like so many other people are.”

They are looking forward to growing their business and team by sharing the
freedom and flexibility that Shaklee offers with others. Not only did they earn
the 2008 Incentive Trip to Hawaii, but they also took 5 other teams from their
organization. “When you inspire people and show them what they can achieve by
example, and they’re able to repeat that and be successful, it’s a magical

Earning a Living Without Sacrificing Quality of

Master Coordinators Mike & Joanette Coogan,

Now more than ever, people are looking for ways to earn a
living without sacrificing what’s most important to them. With a Shaklee
business, Master Coordinators Joanette & Mike Coogan were able to do just
that. In 1974 they were a young couple, just embarking on careers in teaching
and looking for extra money to pay off debt when a college friend, Presidential
Master Coordinator Gary Burke, introduced them to the Shaklee opportunity. Even
in those early years, they began to see how their Shaklee business could
contribute to the lifestyle they wanted, one where “money was the least of their

So they began to share Shaklee products and the opportunity with others and
saw progressively higher bonus checks and higher yearly income.  Mike, who
continued to teach during much of the early years of the business, saw his
yearly income outpace his superiors at work until he was making more with their
Shaklee business than the superintendent of his school district. And their
income has continued to increase and ride out the ups and downs of the economy.
In the last 10 years alone, Mike and Joanette have made over $1.5 Million with
their Shaklee business and helped hundreds of people get on the path to
financial independence and freedom.

But for Mike and Joanette, it’s about much more than money. Whether it’s
being able to take nicer vacations with their children, having more money to
donate to their favorite causes, or spending time with an ill relative, their
Shaklee business has given them the flexibility to make choices that fit their
lifestyle needs.  “A couple of years ago, Jo’s sister had breast cancer,” says
Mike. “We made a commitment that we would be with her every time she had to go
in for chemo. Shaklee gave us the time freedom and the financial freedom to do
that kind of thing.”

When Mike retired some years ago from teaching many of his colleagues
expressed regret at not having made the decision to try a Shaklee business.
“Every one of those guys that I worked with are now working one or two part-time
jobs just to keep up with insurance payments, the cost of gasoline, and on and
on and on,” says Mike. “Thanks to Shaklee, that’s not our story. We decided to
write a different ending.”

Shaklee Offers an Alternative and Dreams Beyond

Derek and Sarah Hein, Senior Coordinators, Wisconsin

Derek and Sarah Hein have always had a vision for a different life.
When they first got married, they wanted to be able to be at home with their
children. “We didn’t want that American dream that’s out there right now, where
you work 70, 80 hours a week, never see your family, and you’re part of that 50%
divorce rate statistic,” says Derek.

But as with most young families, money was an issue. When they began looking
for options that would give them the kind of life they were looking for, they
kept coming back to Shaklee. “When Shaklee came along, it was an opportunity
like no other. If you were willing to work hard, learn, and be coachable, you
could be successful.”

So they began slowly and started to build, first using their Shaklee income
to cover small, specific bills and then shooting for larger and larger expenses,
such as house payments. Eventually Sarah and Derek would both be able to leave
their jobs and work Shaklee full-time. “I was working part-time as a dental
assistant, and our goal was within the first two months to keep me at home,”
says Sarah.  “Within two months I was making more than I was making as a dental
assistant part-time. So that was very exciting!”

More than 16 years later, their Shaklee business has enabled them to fund a
number of dreams, including purchasing an 80-acre property that they would
eventually turn into an organic beef ranch. “Everyone is a dreamer deep down
inside, they just don’t act on it. Shaklee was that gift that allowed us to act
on our dream.”

* The average annual income in 2007 for the Business Leader ranks ranged from
$11,224 for Directors to $265,620 for Master Coordinators. Average annual income
by rank is based on the average monthly Form 1099-MISC income for all U.S.
Business Leaders who held the rank that month and added for the 12 months of
2007.  Results will vary with effort. Shaklee Corporation does not guarantee
that any particular income level will be achieved.

Saturday’s Conference Call

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

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Saturday’s Conference Call

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

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Cinch Biggest Loser Challenge

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Looking for an exciting way to share Cinch inch loss plan?

Shaklee has introduced an incredible incentive program that can help you sponsor new Members using Cinch. Newly sponsored members can register to lose weight with Cinch. Shaklee will be rewarding the top “losers” with significant cash rewards:

$25,000 top reward
5 rewards at $10,000
5 rewards at $5,000
That’s $100,000 in rewards!

Get more information at:

Who do you know that would benefit from an incentive like this?

Saturday’s Conference Call

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

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Saturday, January 10th

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During this training call we will highlight the new Infinite Possibilities focus and incentives

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The Science behind Vivix

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Shaklee’s revolutionary new anti-aging supplement has been the most successful single-product launch in Shaklee’s history! Sales have exceeded the company’s expectations, as consumers are interested in the cutting-edge nature of this product.

What makes Vivix stand out is the incredible scientific research behind it. In fact, research into resveratrol and associated polyphenols is one of the hottest topics in health science today. And, only Shaklee has been able to come up with a dietary supplement that incorporates all this latest research, and patents are being sought to protect the unique nature of this product.

To help you understand better and share the Vivix story Shaklee has produced a downloadable document that summarizes the science behind this product and lists references for some of the key research that has been done with resveratrol and polyphenols as they relate to cellular aging. You can download it from:

Also, we have just learned that in cooperation with a major university Shaklee has been conducting its own clinical studies. The initial results are out on the first study, and they are amazing! Watch for more details once the study is published in a major scientific journal!

(And, good news, Shaklee is almost caught up with Vivix production! The high demand for this product has put Shaklee behind in filling orders, but as of now Vivix is in stock for regular ordering in the U.S., and should be in Canada by next week.)

Infinite Possibilities

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

A New Year: Infinite Possibilities with Shaklee!

Despite the gloom and doom in the economy Shaklee is thriving! In the past Shaklee has seen tremendous growth during times of recession, and the current situation is seeing similar results.

People are looking for what Shaklee has to offer, especially our business opportunity. Traditional jobs and investments are falling short, and many want to take control of their financial future. But, they want to be part of a company that has credibility and strong values. Shaklee fits that bill. For over 50 years Shaklee has been helping people gain better health, a safer world, and a brighter financial future.

Are you ready to set a new course in 2009?

Now is the time to build a business that will not only solidify your future, but will make a difference in the health of others and our planet.

On January 10th, across North America, Shaklee will be conducting meetings highlighting the vision we have to impact one million families in the U.S. and Canada. You can be part of this, and take advantage of some special cash reward incentives from $100 to $100,000!

To find a meeting near you go to:

And bring a friend along to one of these meetings!

We are here to help you in every way this year to take advantage of Shaklee’s explosive growth. This includes comprehensive training and support.

Please contact us immediately to find out more on how you can experience infinite possibilities in 2009 with Shaklee!