“Follow Us” at the St. Louis Global Conference

This week we are headed to St. Louis for Shaklee’s annual Global Conference. With all of Shaklee’s recent growth this should be an exciting convention. It will also be a tremendous opportunity to recharge our business and learn first-hand of new announcements.

You are invited to follow us via Twitter. Throughout the convention (Wednesday – Saturday) we will be regularly tweeting news and our observations. In real time!

To keep up with out tweets go to www.twitter.com/mornature

To get our posts live we recommend creating your own Twitter account and “following” us (mornature) with “device updates ON” (i.e. receiving our messages on your cell phone).

You can also subscribe to our Twitter RSS feed and include it on your start page, portal or feed reader.

If you have any trouble getting getting connected please contact us.

Watch for our updates from St. Louis!

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