St. Louis report

Now that the 2009 Global Conference is over we have an opportunity to reflect on all that we experienced this past week. As far as the annual convention is concerned this was probably the most helpful one we have attended. Shaklee worked hard to create an event that would provide us training and tools to enhance our business efforts. As a result our heads are swimming with new ideas and possibilities.

Over the coming days and weeks we will be providing more details through our blog, emails and weekly conference calls all the incredible news and discoveries, but for now here is a brief recap of what was new from St. Louis:

Shaklee continues to grow despite the recession, as more and more people are attracted to what we have to offer, both in products and opportunity.
– Our best-selling product, Vivix, is celebrating its one-year anniversary! Going forward it will have a new, more convenient bottle. In addition, single-serving pouches are available for when traveling and as samples.
– Shaklee continues its investment in research and development. In fact, we have more published clinical studies than the next five companies in our industry combined!
Four new clinical studies have just been completed further contributing to science and confirming Shaklee’s superiority. Studies demonstrate the immediate impact of Vivix, the role of vitamin D with cholesterol, Nutriferon’s production of killer cells against viruses, and the effectiveness of Cinch.
– As a result of the growing research into vitamin D, a number of our products will see increased levels.
Get Clean continues to gain attention. In fact, it is now the official cleaning product line of the White House!
– The Cinch Biggest Loser winners were introduced. The results and stories were amazing, with most winners losing over 50 pounds during the contest. One person lost 100 pounds!
– Shaklee has developed a first for our industry: a way for serious business builders to make career-level money in the earliest stages. With FastTrack a new GOLD Ambassador can make up to $100,000 in the first 15 months. This is an on-going program for new people. Existing Members and Distributors have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take advantage of this special incentive by registering and beginning by the end of August.
– Another incentive that will become permanent is Power of Ten, which all new business builders can take advantage of during their first three months.
– Shaklee is investing millions of dollars in enhanced online tools. New personal websites are being launched that will allow greater targeting, customization, utilization of social media, and business operation in both the U.S. and Canada.
– Also, Shaklee’s customer relationship management system, iTrack, has been further enhanced and will be integrated with the personal websites, and includes such features as auto-responders and contact widgets. Starting soon, all Distributors will be able to obtain this valuable service.
– Next year’s conference will be in Anaheim, California right next to Disneyland! Register by August 31st and take advantage of the special registration fee, which includes a free ticket to the closing night banquet.
– The 2010 incentive trip will be a Western Caribbean cruise! Qualification is easier than ever, and is attainable even for someone just starting out in Shaklee.

These are some of the main highlights. In fact, there’s much more. Watch for more details coming your way soon.

This is a great time to be in Shaklee!

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