FastTRACK – Full-time income your first year!

Shaklee has overcome one of the biggest mental barriers that many people have when considering a network marketing opportunity. Sure, the possibility for big earnings is there, but doesn’t it take years before you earn significant money? Not anymore.

With the FastTRACK program Shaklee is investing large amounts of money into people who are serious about building their own business. With the provision of FastTRACK bonuses it is possible for someone to earn up to $100,000 during their first 15 months! Shaklee is convinced that investing extra money to help someone get started will lead to stronger businesses.

It is now possible to have a full-time income in Shaklee in as little as 1 year!

FastTRACK is available to all NEW people who enter Shaklee as a GOLD Ambassador, and therefore is a great recruiting incentive that you can offer people who are looking for a better financial future. (NOTE: The new business builder must participate in the program during their first 15 months).

But, for existing Shaklee members and Distributors, you have a one-time opportunity to begin your FastTRACK program, beginning September 1st. This is a once-in-a-lifetime offer. You will never be able to participate in this program again, so decide now to get involved, and see your future change for the better!

FastTRACK is more than just extra money. When you enter FastTRACK you will be exposed to specialized training (including the new “3 & 10 – Do it Again!” model), and you will have special incentives available to you every three months, including cash and and trips!.

ACT NOW! This offer will never be repeated for people already in Shaklee.

To learn more go to, and join our conference call this Saturday morning!

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