Vivix – One Year Later

Last week at its Global Conference Shaklee celebrated the first anniversary of the most successful new product in our history: Vivix, the world’s best anti-aging supplement..

Because of the revolutionary nature of Shaklee’s anti-aging formula, over one million bottles of Vivix were sold in the first year. It is already Shaklee’s best-selling product.

Despite its tremendous success, Shaklee is working hard to make Vivix even better. Here are some of the new things to celebrate:

Clinical study. A major breakthrough study has just been completed demonstrating that Vivix’s unique blend activates a key genetic regulator and helped turn down cellular aging. More evidence of its effectiveness!
New 30 Day Bottle. After further investigation Shaklee has been able to determine the stability of the tonic in a larger, recyclable bottle. More convenient and environmentally friendly.
Single-Serve Packets. To make Vivix more convenient for traveling and sampling Vivix is now available in single-serve packets made from recyclable paper. Limited time offer, depending on sales.
Kosher Vivix. To meet the needs of those following Kosher laws, Shaklee has unveiled a modified formula. (U.S. only, for now)

Remember that Vivix is available at a 10% discount when you purchase through AutoShip, or when you buy a new 4-pack!

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