This morning’s workshop on Vivix certainly provided the information we were looking for.

What can I say? My biggest hesitation is that my words cannot adequately describe what is going on here. Let’s face it: There are tons of “hype” products out there promising the world but are nothing more than snake oil. It would be easy to think that this new product is like that.

But it isn’t.

Vivix is the most complex research and development project ever undertaken by Shaklee. The science is very real – there are over 2000 scientific publications related to these ingredients. Renowned institutions like the Harvard Medical School are studying this and the media has been talking about this research. Shaklee is the first company, however, to take all this research and turn it into a product. In doing so Shaklee has patented the process (so no one else can copy it!) and has exclusive rights to the ingredient supply!

In a nutshell, Vivix is the first commercially available product that truly addresses the four major issues related to cellular aging. People want to live longer and look younger. Once you see all the facts you will want use this product and share it with people you know.

This is more than just another product. It changes the health and wellness industry and puts us even further ahead of any other company out there.

There is tons of scientific and technical information on all of this – more than I can do justice here. Watch for more information coming soon.

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