U.S. Preorder for Canadians

Next U.S. Preorder deadline is September 30th!


There are a handful of products that are currently not available in Canada due to lack of sales for the size of the Canadian market. But, while these products are not available on a regular basis they can be ordered for personal use through Shaklee Canada four times per year.

These products include excellent ones like Acne Clarifying Complex, Moodlift, Gentle Sleep Complex, Instant Protein Soy Mix and several others.

Through the U.S. preorder program you can order some of your favorites, or try ones you haven’t yet experienced! Products are priced in Canadian dollars, shipped from Canada and have full PV and price differential.

More information on the U.S. Preorder program is available from the following link:

But, remember, your next order must be received at Shaklee Canada by Wednesday, September 30th!

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