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Update for those planning to attend the 2010 Global Conference in Anaheim, California

One of the best things you can do for your Shaklee business is to attend the next Global Conference, in August 2010. This event not only provides the opportunity for a tax-write-off vacation but also will give you the inspiration and training you need to move your business to the next level. This next convention in Anaheim looks to be the largest and best yet!

If you have not already registered, do so as soon as possible at

If you have already registered, now is the time to make arrangements for your hotel accommodations. Three first-class hotels are already set aside for Shaklee, and convention attendees can already make reservations in these hotels.

But, if you are looking for a way to save money on your trip we have a special offer for you! Our uplines, who live in the L.A. area, have visited the convention site and have made arrangements for their downline organization to be together in a nearby hotel at nearly half the cost!

They have been able to establish a special rate at The Anabella hotel ( which is conveniently located on the Anaheim Convention Center campus and directly across the street from Disneyland. It is also a top-notch hotel, recently awarded the “Anaheim Beautiful Property Award”. And, with the special rate it is a great bargain at only $69.00 per night for a Queen sized bed (rates for other rooms are likewise well-priced).

But, this special rate is available only for a limited time! If you are at all interested in taking advantage of this low price and being together with your own Shaklee “family” it is important that you let us know this week.

We look forward to having you with us in Anaheim next summer!

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