Join Us DVD

Your best multimedia tool to introduce Shaklee!

Recently Shaklee completely updated for 2010 its Join Us DVD, a powerful tool that is perfect for introducing someone to Shaklee, whether they are interested in the products or the opportunity. The DVD contains two segments. “The Shaklee Opportunity” presents the business opportunity in a compelling¬† manner. And, “The Shaklee Difference” segment gives the most thorough explanation yet of what makes Shaklee products so unique.

We recommend that you give one of these DVD’s to new prospects. Point them to the segment most relevant to their interest, but they are likely watch both out of interest!

To make sharing these DVD’s easy Shaklee is selling them at a significant discount when ordered in multi-packs of (US: 50 – code 50920 / Canada: 25: code 76720). Get yours today!

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