The Science behind Vivix

Based on Cutting-Edge Scientific Research

With so many health products on the market vying for your attention, it is important to check out the science behind Shaklee’s newest product, Vivix. Unlike the many health fads out there, Vivix is based on the latest, sound scientific research.

In the last few years scientists have made significant strides into understanding the reasons why we age. They have discovered that aging ultimately happens at the cellular level. Over time the trillions of cells in our body begin to change, and the cumulative result of all these cellular changes is an overall reduction in health that eventually leads to death. Aging is really a biological issue, not just a chronological one.

4 Key Mechanisms of Cellular AgingIn particular, there are four key mechanisms of cellular aging as can be seen in this chart. Essentially these mechanisms influence how efficiently cells repair and replicate themselves.

But science has not only identified the causes of cellular aging, but also ways to influence these processes in positive ways.

The most noted researcher in this field is Dr. David Sinclair of the prestigious Harvard Medical School. Dr. Sinclair is considered the preeminent expert on life extension, and has published numerous articles in leading scientific journals and is a frequent subject of media stories around world. In particular, he has discovered that resveratrol, a compound found in red wine, actually extended cellular life in several well-designed studies. (Because of Shaklee’s work in this field, Sinclair has recently sold the pharmaceutical company he founded to work on this and joined forces with Shaklee. He is now a member of Shaklee’s Scientific Advisory Board).

Scientists around the world have been intrigued with the power of resveratrol and polyphenolic compounds that are found in certain plants. Even leading organizations like the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the National Institute of Aging (NIA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) have become involved in this inquiry. Recent studies, even this year, have confirmed the power of these ingredients and their safety.

In fact, there are over 2000 published scientific studies related to resveratrol alone, and a large number related to the other polyphenols as well. There is abundant, growing evidence that these compounds have tremendous health benefits, particularly as it relates to aging. This is what makes the science of Vivix so different than other natural health products being touted. Many of these other products are nothing more than snake oil, based on scant research at best, and usually formulated without any real scientific basis.

In light of all this research, what makes Vivix unique is that it is the first product on the market that has been able to take all this research and develop a commercially-available product that addresses all 4 key mechanism of cellular aging. More on that in our next message!

In the meantime, if you are interested in learning more about the scientific research behind Vivix, here are some links with more information:

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