Notice to Canadian Distributors re: Changes in Canadian shipping charges

We want to inform you of some important changes that Shaklee Canada has recently implemented pertaining to their Order Charges (i.e. shipping and handling costs). Effective July 1st they brought their policies in closer alignment with those in the U.S. As a result, we want to make sure you understand how these changes will affect downline members in our personal organization.

Automatic 33% Discount on all Shipping Charges!
Effective immediately, we have arranged for every U.S. and Canadian downline member in our personal group to receive an automatic 33% reduction in the shipping charges applied by Shaklee. This applies to all orders, regardless of size.

Additional Incentives for Canadians

Due to the unique Order Charge formula in Canada we are able to offer Canadians the following additional benefits:

50% Discount on all Shipping Charges for GOLD Ambassadors!
Registered Canadian GOLD Ambassadors will receive a larger discount on their Order Charge, namely 50%, regardless of order size. (Ask for details on how to become a GOLD Ambassador)

FREE Shipping to Regular Purchasers!
We want to reward our most faithful Members and Distributors by completely eliminating their Order Charges altogether on all orders, regardless of size! Every January 1st and July 1st your personal QPV for the previous 12 months will be calculated. If the cumulative total is at least 1000 you will be eligible for free shipping for the next six months!

We trust that these incentives will be helpful for you in the midst of the current economic challenges.

We encourage you to inform your downline Members of these changes.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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