New Get Clean Water Refillable Filters fit Brita and PUR pitchers!

As you are aware Shaklee has launched Get Clean Water, the most advanced pitcher water purification system available. Not only does it provide the cleanest water, Shaklee’s new product also has many advantages.

Because of the concern people have for safe, clean and good tasting water you will want to talk to everyone you know about new Get Clean Water! Be sure to point out the following features:

Better water filtration (rated to remove many more contaminants than other brands, including Brita and PUR)
Less filter waste. Get Clean Water utilizes a refillable housing unit. Only the filter needs replacing, and it lasts twice as long as other brands!
Sustainable filter design. The first solid block carbon filter for pitchers that is made with sustainable coconut.
Advanced pitcher incorporates a meter that measures how much water is filtered.

(For more information on Get Clean Water visit and listen to our recent conference calls on the topic)

But, here’s the good news: existing owners of Brita and PUR pitchers can use the new Get Clean refillable housing unit and filters! This is important because some customers have invested in their pitchers are not quite prepared to get rid of them. They don’t have to! Simply tell them that Shaklee’s new filter design should work in most Brita and PUR pitchers.  This way they can keep their current pitcher but take advantage of Get Clean Water’s better filtration and superior environmental qualities!

Of course, many will want to replace their pitchers too to take advantage of Get Clean Water’s advanced pitcher design.

(By the way, Brita and PUR filters will NOT fit in the new Get Clean Water pitcher!)

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