Anaheim updates

In just a few days we will be in Anaheim for the 2010 Shaklee Global Conference!

This promises to be one of the most important conventions in years as Shaklee will be making a number of very significant announcements, including new products and other initiatives.

We encourage you to learn first-hand of all the exciting developments from the Global Conference. Here’s how:

1. Follow us on twitter: @mornature. Throughout the convention we will be sharing the latest news and our reflections.

2. Follow the official Shaklee twitter feed: @ShakleeUpdates

3. We will post daily posts on our blog summarzing the day’s news: (Note: We will NOT be emailing updates during the convention)

4. Join us for our Weekly Conference Calls in August (beginning August 14th) for comprehensive updates and training related to all the convention developments.

We hope you join us next year at the 2011 Conference!

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