Anaheim – Thursday

Despite registration and other pre-convention activities today was the official beginning to this year’s Global Conference. And, wow! What a beginning!

As is usually the case the first day is centered around an extensive keynote address by Chairman and CEO Roger Barnett. In addition to portraying his strong vision for the company, Roger spent most of his time describing the new “Dream Plan” compensation plan that Shaklee is launching this fall. It is the culmination of several years of work that the company has been going through in order to completely revamp its marketing system. And, now all the pieces have come together in an all new plan that is much simpler, but also much more lucrative. So much, so that Shaklee has applied for at least two patents to protect it from other companies trying to copy it.

In short, the new Dream Plan provides greater income opportunities for those just staring in the business, and greater long term income by expanding infinity earnings. And, of course, the big news is the introduction of an all new car program that is focused on hybrids, ranging from the economical to the Mercedes-Benz S400 in a unique Shaklee green. A new Shaklee Distributor can earn a car in as little as 9 months.

All of this is closely linked to the FastTRACK program, which has been further simplified and enhanced. In fact, good news for existing Distributors who have never before been a Director. You have one more opportunity this fall to enter FastTRACK and take advantage of the exceptional bonuses that can allow you to earn up to $100,000 in fifteen months.

Obviously there are many more details about these changes that cannot be described here. In fact, major workshops were held this afternoon to train us in the new Dream Plan. Watch for more details coming soon. Of course, contact us for information and assistance to get started on your business, or to take your existing business to a new level. 

There were several other important announcements today. The 2011 Global Conference will be in Washington, D.C. And the Incentive Trip is at Atlantis in the Bahamas. Top Achievers will have an additional vacation in exotic Bora Bora! Later in the afternoon we were able to take in a presentation of the new technology enhancements that are coming mid-September. is being completely revamped with an impressive new look that makes it much easier to use. As part of this Distributors and above will be able to take advantage of the completely redesigned and simpler to use “My Business” services (formerly known as iTrack).

This was an exciting day! Without question there was a high level of “buzz” around the convention as people were overtaken by all the good news. In the history of Shaklee these changes will mark one of the most important turning points for the company. In some ways there was too much to absorb, one of the reasons that, unlike previous years, Shaklee refrained from giving us all the new announcements on the first day.

Friday will bring us much more, and focused on science and products. Three new products will be introduced and we look forward to sharing the information with you!

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