Anaheim – Saturday

It’s hard to believe the Global Conference is already over!

Saturday was the day to put everything together that had been given to us the previous two days. The morning began with a workshop event that featured “fireside chats” with various Shaklee Business Leaders sharing their ideas and success experiences on a variety of things. Lots of great ideas!

The afternoon’s closing session featured a focus on Shaklee International. The company is experiencing dramatic results in its international markets – over 50% increase total in just two years! And in some markets, like China and Malaysia the growth is mind boggling. This is obviously the future of Shaklee and we have an opportunity to get involved, including next year’s expansion to Indonesia.

Also, during the final session Shaklee brings in an outside guest who speaks to provide inspiration and/or motivation. This year we were privileged to have Bruce Feiler, an author and host of several TV specials.

Following the gala banquet, with over 4000 people in one well-appointed room, we all returned to the arena one last time for “Shaklee’s Got Talent”, a fun evening featuring a variety of talented Shaklee members and distributors. Always, a great time!

It might sound like hype to say that was the best convention yet. But, the truth is that Shaklee is constantly doing everything they can to learn from past years and to tweak these events to make them truly spectacular. They are paced well, and feature the right types and balance of content to make an impact on our business. Of course, the biggest story this year is the new Dream Plan, and that alone made this a monumental Global Conference and one that will set the stage for greater things to come in the future.

Hopefully you can join us next year in Washington, D.C.!

Be sure to join our Saturday Conference Calls over the next few weeks as we recap and provide more details on all the news from this year’s Global Conference!

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