Important Support Changes

Dear Shaklee Downline,

We are pleased to announced a number of important support changes that will take place effective October 1st.

Shaklee is continuing to grow and expand, and so is our own business. Recent announcements in Anaheim have generated a whole new level of excitement as the opportunities for all of us have expanded significantly.

Our commitment is to provide the best possible support to our downline organization. Over the years we have utilized various methods and approaches to ensure that you get relevant and up-to-date information on products and for your business building efforts. Times change, however, and so have Shaklee’s own support systems. As a result, we regularly evaluate what we are doing and look at ways that we can best serve with you.

Here are some things that Shaklee is now offering:

  • Shaklee’s new Dream Plan goes into effect October 1st, providing an even greater earnings opportunity, both short- and long-term. This is one of the most significant changes in Shaklee’s compensation plan ever and is bringing about significant new interest and growth especially when coupled with FastTRACK.
  • In conjunction with the Dream Plan, the all new Team Up is the ideal support and incentive mechanism for anyone really serious about building a Shaklee business and we will participate fully in it.
  • In the next few weeks Shaklee will be rolling out its new Member Center at This major upgrade will provide a whole new level of information, training and much more convenient product ordering for both Members and Distributors.
  • Shaklee is ramping up its communication and training efforts, working through the new Member Center, and with new web and conference calls for both product and opportunitiy training.

Our intent is not to duplicate Shaklee’s premiere offerings, but to complement them. In response to their new initiatives we are making the following changes:

  • We will be focusing our business development efforts on Team Up and the Dream Plan conference calls that Shaklee now offers Monday evenings.
  • We will no longer conduct weekly conference calls on Saturday morning, although we may occasionally hold one on a special topic, etc.
  • We will work harder at disseminating information and support opportunities through our electronic channels: email, blog/RSS feed, Twitter feed and Facebook group.

At all times we want to be responsive to what is going to serve you best. Please let us know what is working for you and suggestions you may have as to how we can better assist you to get the most out of Shaklee.

These are exciting times in Shaklee, and we look forward to the journey with you in the coming months and years!

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