The Uniqueness of Vivix

A One-of-a-kind Product

In our last e-mail we highlighted the cutting-edge scientific research behind Shaklee’s newest product, Vivix. Unlike many natural health gimmicks on the market, Vivix is a product that is based on the latest advancements in human health, specifically as it relates to aging. Quite simply, there is nothing else available anywhere that even comes close to what Vivix is all about and can do.

Vivix is unique because it is the first commercially-available product that addresses the four key mechanism of cellular aging. Pharmaceutical companies are working on drugs that will address these issues, but in light of the lengthy approval process it will likely be 7-10 years before they are available for sale. Vivix is available now because it is an all natural product containing ingredients that have been clinically proven to thwart the aging process. And, Shaklee has figured out how to effectively combine these compounds in a formula that addresses all the challenges that have kept other companies from making a similar product. It is the most advanced and complex product that Shaklee has ever developed.

In short, here are the main points related to the Shaklee Difference in Vivix:

1. Potent resveratrol. Resveratrol is the natural anti-oxidant found in red wine that is linked to cellular anti-aging. Scientific studies show that the real anti-aging effect goes well beyond the amount of resveratrol in a just a few glasses of wine. Shaklee has found the most potent form of resveratrol available – an extract that is 98% pure. The result is that one serving of Vivix provides the equivalent effect of 100 glasses of wine!

2. Emodin-free. One of the main drawbacks in high potency resveratrol products is that the extracts contain a natural compound called emodin. Emodin has a strong laxative effect, providing a challenge for people taking the supplement. Shaklee’s ultra-pure extract is completely emodin-free.

3. Beyond resveratrol. Despite the benefits, resveratrol supplements alone aren’t adequate as resveratrol itself only addresses 3 of the 4 aging mechanisms. Resveratrol is NOT that effective against the accumulation of AGE proteins in cells. For this reason Shaklee had to find a natural source of compounds that work in this way. Research shows that there are polyphenols found in a “super-grape” that have this effect. The Muscadine grape has an extra chromosome compared to other grapes, a fact which scientists believe is the reason this grape is so high in polyphenols, especially ellagic acid. This unique polyphenol combination, developed by Shaklee in conjunction with the University of Georgia, has been shown to be 10X more effective than resveratrol in combating AGE proteins!

4. Secured supply. Despite the amazing qualities of the Muscadine grape it is not commonly grown commercially. To ensure availability Shaklee went to the extreme step of buying the entire future supply of this super grape from the world’s largest and best suppliers!

5. Patents pending. To protect its investment in this product, Shaklee has filed a number of patent applications pertaining to Vivix. This includes its unique formula, and the Muscadine grape extraction process. The fact is, no one else will be able to duplicate Vivix!

6. High bioavailability. As is typical with Shaklee products, the goal is not just to put the ingredients in a bottle. They must be shown to work in the body. This has also been a challenge for everyone else up to this point since research shows that resveratrol is radically changed in the digestion process, resulting in little of the trans-resveratrol actually making it into the bloodstream. Shaklee has solved this problem in Vivix through the unique polyphenol blend and by making this a liquid supplement. Absorption of the liquid actually begins in the mouth and throat resulting in much more effective release into the bloodstream.

As you can see Vivix is a highly advanced product. Watch for our next e-mail where we will tell you about the tremendous opportunity you have to promote this natural solution to cellular aging!

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