Important Announcements Coming Next Week!

We are tremendously excited about attending the Shaklee Global Conference next week in Washington, D.C. These annual conventions are exceptional, first-class events that highlight the best of Shaklee. Not only do we get to visit a great city, this is a tremendous opportunity to learn what is new in Shaklee and obtain essential training.

Next week in Washington, D.C. should be especially significant. Preliminary information indicates that Shaklee will be announcing some major enhancements to further solidify Shaklee’s lead as the America’s Leading Natural Nutrition Company. A large focus of these announcements will be on new nutrition products, nutrition product enhancements, and new tools for sharing Shaklee nutrition. Shaklee wants to make it much easier for us to share the unique benefits of our products, especially in a crowded, competitive marketplace. With all the new things coming next week you will find building a Shaklee business much simpler, and the appeal of what we have to offer even greater!

Following the Global Conference there will be lots of information available on all the new products and tools, but we encourage you to get the latest up-dates by following us on Twitter, as we will be tweeting live from the Conference. We may also provide some additional information here on our blog as time permits.

Follow as at @mornature
Also, follow Shaklee’s main feed at @ShakleeHQ
Hashtag for the conference is: #shaklee2011conf

We look forward to sharing with you all the incredible news from Washington next week, beginning Wednesday!

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