Shaklee Global Conference Updates

We’re excited to be on our way to Las Vegas today for the Shaklee Global Conference. These are always annual highlights for us, and this year should be no exception. Shaklee is seeing amazing growth, and this conference is promising record attendance!

As we’ve announced earlier, Shaklee has some major developments coming later this year, and some of that will be unveiled in Vegas.

When we get back you will get a number of important communications from both the company and us. But, to get a timely update on all that’s new there are several things you can do:

1. Follow our Twitter feed @mornature
2. Follow Shaklee’s official Twitter feed @shakleehq, plus the conference hashtag #shakleeconf2012
3. Watch Shaklee’s online behind the scenes live video from the conference on Ustream
4. Check Shaklee’s Pinterest boards for updated images from the conference.

Please contact us if you have any questions,

Kathy and Lloyd

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