Canadian Product Upgrades

Good News for Canadian Members and Distributors!

Major upgrades are coming to many key Canadian Shaklee Nutritional Products!

Several years ago the Canadian government changed its regulations pertaining to Natural Health Products, recognizing that more flexibility was needed in light of advances in nutritional science. Shaklee, as North America’s Number One Natural Nutrition Company, has long awaited these changes as it means that finally after several decades Shaklee Canada products could have all the same features as those in the U.S. The result is that Canadians will now be able to take advantage of Shaklee’s advanced science even more – our products will now be that much more ahead of any other competition!

As soon as the new Natural Health Products regulations took effect Shaklee began the lengthy process of registering its products. Unfortunately, because of the many thousands of applications submitted to Health Canada it has taken years to get all of these processed.

But, the good news is that finally now in 2012 Shaklee Canada is all caught up with its new registrations and many upgraded products have already begun to appear, and many more will be coming this fall!

Here’s a recap of what to look for:

Enhanced products already available

Kosher Vivix – a special version for those who follow Kosher food laws

Herb-Lax – enhanced herbal blend

NutriFeron – now with immune strengthening minerals, zinc and copper

Enhanced products coming later this year

Defend and Resist Complex (formerly Shaklee DR) – optimized formula for six tablets per day dosage

Joint Health Complex – New formula with patent-pending, fast-acting form of Boswellia extract. Joint comfort in as little as 5 days.

Vita-Lea –  Four separate formulas: Vita-Lea, Vita-Lea with Iron, Vita-Lea Gold with vitamin K, Vita-Lea Gold without vitamin K (for those taking blood thinning medications). Major formula upgrades include:

  • Beta-carotene
  • More vitamin D
  • Vitamin K
  • Patented rapid-release folic acid coating
  • More trace minerals
  • Gold formulas contain optimized nutrient ratios for those 50+, and N-Acetylcysteine (antioxidant)

Vitalizer – New Vitalizer packs (Vitalizer for Men, Vitalizer for Women, Vitalizer Gold) will contain new Vita-Lea formulations plus these other upgrades:

  • All Vitalizers will contain a Triple Berry Blend of antioxidants
  • Vitalizer for Men will contain more lycopene for prostate health
  • Vitalizer for Women will contain cranberry extract
  • Vitalizer Gold will feature coenzyme Q10, plus optimized carotenoids for eye health

CoQ Heart – Enhanced, triple-strength co-enzyme Q10 supplement

These are exciting developments that contribute to better health for Canadians and will strengthen your business!

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