Shaklee 180

Shaklee 180 – The beginning of the new Shaklee!

Earlier this month Shaklee made what is probably its biggest marketing announcement ever.

Beginning in the New Year (Jan 1st in the U.S. and Feb 1st in Canada) the new Shaklee 180 program will represent a major shift in Shaklee’s preventative health care focus and provide a comprehensive, practical way for people to lose weight and keep it off. It is based on the same nutrition foundation in Cinch, but radically updated, enhanced, and simplified with Shaklee having invested over $6 million so far to make it happen.

With obesity the most significant health problem facing North Americans Shaklee 180 provides a real, workable solution, and a tremendous business opportunity for us backed by state-of-the art marketing, incentives and technology. The long-term earnings potential on this is probably greater than any other product marketing program that Shaklee has ever developed.

In case you missed the announcement broadcast on November 3rd you can still watch it at this LINK.

Over the coming weeks you will be hearing a lot more about Shaklee 180, but here are some key points:

1. Shaklee 180 will become the primary product focus for Shaklee, since being healthy begins with a healthy weight. With excess weight and obesity becoming major health epidemics in North America Shaklee is focusing on helping people take the most critical action to reduce the risk of developing future health problems. Obviously, Shaklee’s other products lines (Healthy Nutrition, Healthy Home and Healthy Beauty) will remain important and as additional lifestyle choices for consumers.

2. Shaklee 180 utilizes the same, patented weight loss technology found in Cinch, but further enhanced for consumers.

3. The new name reflects the 180 degree transformation that it can bring to someone’s health, and the new program format: 90 days to lose weight, and 90 days to keep it off (i.e. 90+90=180).

4. Shaklee 180 is not just a product line, but a comprehensive health system. It will include state-of-the art tools including web and mobile apps, customizable product kits, support systems, and the opportunity to earn the products for free by having three friends join along!

5. Essentially, the products will be the same as Cinch, but with two major enhancements: The new Smoothies have even better taste, reduced sugar content, and a new blend of fiber that will prevent bloating. The Metabolic Boost tablets have been enhanced to improve compatibility with the nutrients in the meal replacements and with Shaklee Vitalizer.

Now is the time to prepare for Shaklee 180. With millions of North Americas struggling to lose weight Shaklee has a solution that not only will help people shed those pounds, but to keep them off. The tremendous success of Cinch and preliminary clinical study have proven the effectivness of this program, and now it will be easier for people to have their own success.

Shaklee is expecting a $700 million growth potential with Shaklee 180. You can participate in this growth and earnings potential by building your own Shaklee 180 business. But, get started now! Training begins within the next week.

Contact us now to get involved. We’ll support you all the way!

Kathy & Lloyd Moritz

Shaklee 180: Take Your Shape in a Whole New Direction!

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