Green Goes with Everything

Shaklee business builders have a tremendous opportunity ahead of them
in the next few months!

Sloan Barnett, wife of Shaklee CEO Roger Barnett, has long been a crusader for healthier living. In addition to being a mother she also the Green Editor for KNTV in San Francisco, and is a contributor to NBC’s Today Show. Sloan has now written the most accessible book on how to make our homes safer and healthier. Green Goes with Everything is getting lots of attention and Sloan will be given extensive media exposure in the coming weeks.

What does this mean for us?

More exposure to Shaklee and Get Clean products!

In the book Sloan gives many practical tips on creating a healthier home. While this is not a book about Shaklee, she is upfront with her endorsement of Shaklee products. Many readers will want to learn more and are likely to go online to search for a Shaklee Distributor.

Here’s what you can do to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity:


1. Purchase the book yourself. Read it and begin to implement her ideas into your own lifestyle. You can purchase the book online from Amazon: US / Canada

2. Buy extra copies to lend or give away. They also make great gifts! People are more likely to be interested in Shaklee products when they read about them in a high quality book like this.

3. Keep up with the book’s promotion at the book’s website: Also, be sure to check out the link for Sloan’s blog for the latest information.

4. Watch and share the video that introduces the book:

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