Shaklee in the News

Green Goes With Everything and Shaklee Make the New York Times Best Sellers List!

On October 12th, the New York Times will officially announce that Sloan Barnett’s new book, Green Goes With Everything: Simple Steps To A Healthier Life and A Cleaner Planet is #6 on the New York Times Best Sellers List!

Shaklee Makes the Front Page of the Los Angeles Times

The article, titled “Products derived from natural, nontoxic ingredients —  once seen as fringe — are now mainstream” ran on the front page of the Los Angeles Times’ September 14th issue and features California companies that practice the best green chemistry and use of non-toxic ingredients. Shaklee isshowcased prominently within the article, with quotes from Roger Barnett and Jim Greene, VP of Product Development. To view the article, click here

The Refreshing Design of Get Clean® Continues to Make Waves!

Recently on Oprah Winfrey’s XM Radio Show, Oprah mentioned how much she loves the design of Shaklee’s Get Clean products, and how the design makes her feel clean and want to use the products!

To listen to the show, click here and then click on Part 1 to watch or listen to her interview with Daniel Pink.  Oprah mentions Shaklee near the end at time code 27:50.

Specifically, Oprah says, “I remember when we were talking about green products, we were talking about a company named Shaklee.  They have the best…the products are good, but what I realized after reading this book, is the reason I really love the products is because they make me feel clean because of the design of the bottles, and the design of the products is so fantastic. It’s all about design!”

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